Rachel Down Under!

Welcome to “God’s Country”

Posted in Australia, Sydney by rssmith218 on February 8, 2012

In the midst of a ridiculously rainy summer, I awoke on Sunday morning to a shockingly sunny day. And what better way to enjoy a sunny Sunday than with a trip down south to “God’s Country”?

Shire, here we come!

Thus, with sunnies and hats in tow, we headed down to the Shire, eagerly spotting Australian flags and Southern Cross bumper stickers along the way…

We drove through Royal National Park to reach Maianbar on Port Hacking estuary.

Here, we unpacked the car, grabbed our fishing poles and swimmers, and set out to enjoy a day on the mudflats.

Have you ever seen such beautiful mud?

Got your fishing rods, mates?

Careful, the mudflats can be treacherous!

At last, the gang’s all here! Time to go fishing!

However, before we could start to fish, we needed to capture some bait. Does anyone know how to work this yabby pump? Hmmm…..

Good thing we had Gordy to help us figure it out!

Spot any yabbies?

Natty found one!

So cute!

Finally, with a bucket full of yabbies, we headed to the beach for an afternoon of fishing.

However, some of us soon became antsy, and we set off in search of a rumored secret basin.

Is that the secret basin lurking among the mangroves?


Must be time for a swim by now-beautiful!

Eventually, it was time to head back, although our return to the car was slightly hindered by the incoming tide. As you can see below, the once tiny creek that we had effortlessly forded on the way out to the beach gave us a bit more trouble when we tried to come back in….

We celebrated our successful return to the car with sunset fish and chips at Katelyn’s parent’s house in the Shire- what a perfect end to a beautiful, sunny Sunday!


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