Rachel Down Under!


Posted in Australia, Sydney by rssmith218 on November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and even though my Aussie mates don’t usually celebrate this holiday, we took a weekend trip away to the bush to celebrate the newly-deemed, “Camps-giving.” Credit to Aria for many of these photos.

Of course, prior to our trip, we had to track down some meat for the barbie at the weekly meat raffle- can you believe that I won this ham? Nora can’t!

With our meat stowed away, we packed up our cars and began the journey up to Seal Rocks, a lovely spot on Australia’s eastern coast that is about 4 hours north of Sydney.

Now all we need is a sausage roll, and we can get on the road! Let’s hit it, Luke!

Having fun back there guys?

How about now that we’re a bit better stocked?

Our car turned into camp just in time for an evening bbq and campfire.


And what would a campfire be without a campfire sing-a-long?

….or tequila shots?

We started the next day early with a family breakfast….

…but we soon headed out to the beach!

Ready for some sun and surf, girls?

We made it! So beautiful and so empty- quite a change from Bondi!

Upon arrival, we quickly began to make the most of these beautiful surroundings with a bit of sunbathing,


and of course, sport!

I also had a fishing lesson from expert anglers Nat and Luke….

…and even though I didn’t catch anything, I got a lot of practice on my casting skills.

After a great day in the sun, we headed back to camp. However, things can get pretty dicey when you try to stuff 5 people and a surf board into a car…watch your head, Luke!

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing back at camp….

…..before preparing the evening bbq. We particularly enjoyed Damo’s spearfishing catch-of the-day- abalone and Bonito sashimi!


The next morning, we packed up camp, but we still had a bit of time to kill before heading back to Sydney. I joined Damo, Luke, James, and Aria for a snorkel out to “Make-out Island,” seen below. 

Let’s do it!

We saw all sorts of great sea-life, including an ancient sea turtle, gray nurse sharks, and giant sting rays!

Back on shore, some fellow spear fishermen had caught a massive king fish- check this out!

All too soon it was time to head back home, and we piled into the car for the ride back to Sydney, making only a quick stop for lunch.

Now that’s a real Aussie burger!

Hello, Luke!

There may not have been pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, or even a turkey, but this Australian “Camps-giving” was definitely one-of-a-kind. I mean, it’s not every Thanksgiving that you see a DINGO in the WILD!

Anyway, for the real Thanksgiving holiday, I will find myself in the great land of New Zealand, as I am heading across the ocean tomorrow in search of a new visa. I wonder how the Kiwi holiday will compare to the Aussie experience…only one way to find out!