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Fun in the sun

Posted in Australia, Sydney by rssmith218 on October 22, 2011

October is flying by, but I thought I would stop in to give a quick update on all of the fun that I’ve been having in Sydney these past few weeks.

For simplicity’s sake, I am going to break the fun into 3 categories:

1. Lab Celebrations (a.k.a. Luke-a-palooza)!

Several members of our lab have handed in their theses over the past few weeks, so there have been plenty of reasons to celebrate!

We have celebrated Luke and Andrew’s exit seminars with drinks at the White House….

Can you tell that everyone in the following photo is related?

We toasted James, Joey, and Luke with afternoon champagne in the post grad room….

…followed by post-champagne drinks at the White House….

We took advantage of a UNSW Science forum to celebrate James handing in….

Enjoying the free drinks, ladies?

And finally, we finished up our thesis celebrations with a lab barbecue at Coogee Beach….

Enjoying your steak, Luke?

And yet, in addition to the thesis celebrations, we also needed to celebrate three birthdays- Katie, Damo, and Jaz! Might as well have another bbq- this time in Centennial Park!

Mel and I cooked up some summertime snacks for the day,

and we headed out to the bbqs!

As ever, Luke attempted to educate me in the ways of footy….

….but as rain started to pour, I was pretty happy to give my athletic skills a break!

So, are we out of things to celebrate, yet? Well maybe we should celebrate something arbitrary….hello Formal Friday!

2. Spring arrives…let’s head to the beach!

It has finally warmed up in Sydney, which means it’s time to head to the beach!

Ready for an afternoon at the beach?

This is how they dress in Maroubra…

Enjoying the sun and surf!

And yet another day in Maroubra…

Time to play some Bocce!

Who’s winning?

Team Green Lantern!

3. Plates beyond plates!

My plates definitely fall into their own category of fun! Yes, I am finally beginning to see the end of my project, and I have counted all 500 linkage plates, organized them, and entered the data! I’m working my way through the statistics now, so I am on my way to pulling together all of my work from this year!

Time to organize this jumble of plates!

Workin’ on it!

I only have a few more months here in Sydney, and hopefully my remaining time will be full of sun, science, and friends. And maybe a little less beer- if you can’t tell from these photos, the celebrations of the past month have definitely taken a toll on my liver!