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Who’s a winner?

Posted in Australia, Sydney by rssmith218 on August 17, 2011

What is the most Australian thing you can think of?

If you had asked me this question one year ago, I probably would have mentioned kangaroos, the Outback, and probably Steve Irwin. Over the course of this year, my view of Australia has obviously expanded beyond these clichés as I have traveled this great continent, made fantastic Australian friends, and learned more about the Aussie culture.

As a foreigner in the land “down under”, I find myself in a constant search for the true Aussie experience. I jump at any opportunity to do or see something “Australian” and so when my labmates mentioned that dinner at the local RSL club was, in their words, “the Australian experience,” of course I begged to go.

Thus, a couple of weeks ago, our lab went out to dinner at the local Maroubra Seals Club. Every Thursday evening (and I think on Fridays and Sundays as well), the club has, what else, a meat raffle!

We joined the local club members as we reveled in the $6 dinner (fish and chips, schnitzel and chips) and $3 beers, and bought numbers for the night’s raffle.

Check out how much meat was up for grabs!

My ticket!

You can see that I didn’t splurge on too many numbers, but it didn’t matter because both Christine and Nat won plenty of meat!

And even more, Nat!

So much meat…we put this towards a post-City-to-Surf bbq!

Meat, beer,  and great Australian company- I guess this is the heart of the true Aussie experience!




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  1. Luana said, on September 6, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    I want to do it!!!! 🙂 Sounds lots of fun… and bbq!!!

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