Rachel Down Under!

Goodbye, Aish!

Posted in Australia, Sydney by rssmith218 on June 2, 2011

I am sad to say that my good friend and fellow Aussie explorer, Aisha, has officially left the continent to return to her studies back in the States.

Together, we have taken in innumerable Sydney sights, and have also toured some of Oceania’s most beautiful beaches, mountains, and forests.

We have consumed more sour straps that either of us would like to admit,

spent hours searching for bandicoots in the Sydney bush,

hung out with the 3 Muskateers,

and have found ourselves trapped in all sorts of awkward social situations.

We’ve read eachother’s emails,

we’ve marveled at the magnificence of ferns,

and we’ve found some of Sydney’s most special and secret spots.

Together, we discovered the deliciousness of haloumi,

we’ve enjoyed some of Australia’s most amazing cultural traditions,

and we’ve taken more photos of eachother than I can even sort through!

We have truly had some unforgettable adventures these past 10 months, and I know that Sydney isn’t going to be the same without Aish!

Of course, before Aisha’s departure, we managed to have a couple final adventures, which I will quickly recount here. We were joined by Aisha’s brother Rasheed, and Aisha’s college roommate, Selam, and for some last Sydney signatures before Aisha’s return to the States.

What about a day at the beach? Hello, Bondi! And hello to Selam!

Who loves Watson’s Bay? We do!

Wait, why am I wearing a Snuggie?

And lastly, we had to give Aisha a formal goodbye (and also celebrate her birthday!) with all of the great friends we’ve made this year!

From the beginning….

…..to the end….

…it has been quite the adventure. Best of luck in Baltimore, Aisha!


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