Rachel Down Under!

Have you planked yet?

Posted in Australia, Sydney by rssmith218 on May 19, 2011

Yep, the newest Aussie craze is “planking,” which, as the name suggests, basically involves laying face down (like a plank?) in unusual places and then taking photos of it. Seem a bit bizarre?  It did to me too, but planking is the newest fad that is sweeping Australia, New Zealand, and perhaps soon, the rest of the world?

Almost 190,000 people are already Facebook fans of planking. How can something so simple (and so strange) become so popular so quickly? Perhaps it is the seemingly endless number of places and objects that it is possible to “plank” that makes planking so appealing. Trees, telephone booths, the local tattoo parlour, even police cars, are all fair game for plankers.

Or maybe the fact that planking is so simple is its greatest appeal. Planking is a truly accessible “sport,” as anyone who can lie down for a nap can just as easily plank. I guess the challenge of planking is then to find ways to set yourself apart from all the mediocre plankers….what’s the most outrageous thing you can plank?

Not bad, eh?

I admit that I have yet to plank anything, although I will say that my workmates and I have spent plenty of time thinking of things to plank in the office. Here are just a few of our attempts….photo credits to Karina…..

Karina and Sarah planking!

Wait, is Lera planking Karina?

Even in the confines of the tiny postgrad room, the options for planking are endless! Although maybe we should all spend a bit less time planking and a bit more time working…..

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