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Kiss from a SEAL

Posted in Australia, Sydney by rssmith218 on February 26, 2011

Another week of fieldwork is over and I am left with fresh “mozzie” bites, dirty knees, and (hopefully?) bigger muscles. As usual, I didn’t manage to take photos of us hard at work, but when there is fun to be had, my camera is ready!

For example, earlier this week, we took time away from our experiments for a dive off of Montague Island,

a tiny island off the coast of Narooma in southern New South Wales, as you can see below.

Montague Island is home to NSW’s largest Australian fur seal population….

…and after a quick boat ride out to the island (and some ridiculous life jackets!), we were ready to get up close and personal with some seals!

And how close did we get to these lovable creatures? Extremely! Photo/video credits to Dennis and Graeme.

Check out this video- you can see that the seals were everywhere!

Here is a slideshow of some other dive photos. Do you feel like you’re underwater?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to our dive, a group of us also slipped away from our fieldwork duties for a late-afternoon wander at Pebbly Beach in Murramarang National Park.

There, we enjoyed the smooth rocks, clear tidepools, and the gorgeous views.

Find anything good ?

How about now?

Is this a princess or a frog?

As much as I enjoy fieldwork, it is always nice to have a break from the mud, sharp barnacles, and heavy lifting. One more week of fieldwork to go, and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For now, though, I will go enjoy my weekend.

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  1. Aunt PJ said, on February 26, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    I love the video of the seals! That’s what I call up close and personal. Do have a great weekend.

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