Rachel Down Under!

Timing is everything…let’s keep in touch!

Posted in Virginia by rssmith218 on July 28, 2010

Tomorrow is my last full day in Virginia, and as I look towards Australia, I have constructed a spreadsheet to help us keep in touch! Admittedly, this chart is more confusing that I had initially hoped, but I am trying to give an idea of how the timing is going to match up in Sydney versus all of the US time zones (sorry for those of you in the Mountain time zone, but hopefully you still will have a good idea of timing!).

Assuming that we are all awake from the hours of 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM (long day, huh?), the times I have highlighted in blue are when it would be most “cool” to try and get in touch, either via skype/gchat/vchat/phone. I will have a cell phone in Australia, but I don’t have a number yet and while I can receive all incoming calls for free, I have a feeling it will not be cheap for you to call in. So any of the above alternatives are probably a better bet for staying in touch. Hope this helps!


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